Monday, December 13, 2010

Welcome to Geoffghanistan

Geoffghanistan started as an idea for a website.  In May of 2002 I got a call from a family friend, asking if I would like to go live and work in Afghanistan.  I would teach English and build a computer lab for the medical students at Kabul Medical Institute.  I had done some travelling in Southeast Asia, and had aspirations of going back someday, so I jumped at the opportunity to expand my horizons.  I would also be so close to India, a country and culture that, in 1993, captured my heart on one of my first adventures outside of my home country.  Initially, I was going to be working in Kabul for one year.  This stretched out to two-and-a-half years and much more than my original teaching and building plan.
Kabul Medical Institute

Dr. Hadley and Dr. Wright in the makeshift pathology lab that would soon become a server room for my computer lab.
Alas, is no longer.  I may decide to bring it back someday, but for now, I have downsized to a blog.  When I started the website I had been working for an internet company in Bend, Oregon.  Hosting was free.  Now it's not, and that's that.
From left: Radek Spinka, Dr. Ken Wright, Geoffghanistan, and Dieter Hang

So many things have happened to me in the Geoffghanistan years.  This blog will be a collection of some of those stories, pictures and other entertainment.  I will also, inevitably post about current and planned travel (I am going to France in 3 days, and India in 3 months) as I go.

Welcome to Geoffghanistan.


  1. O this is wonderful, Geoff! People always love reading about you and your adventures! I can hardly wait to read more!

  2. What a beautiful idea, this Blog! Congrats Jeff!