Monday, December 13, 2010

India 2003

This is a picture of my second trip to India. I had just bought my 2000 Royal Enfield Bullet 350. It came with the name Joanna May, apparently the girlfriend of the fellow who owned the bike previously.
This is the woman who sold me my bike, the proprieter of Joga Motors in New Delhi. She drives a hard bargain, but she is fair and a good woman. She will treat you like family.

Welcome to Geoffghanistan

Geoffghanistan started as an idea for a website.  In May of 2002 I got a call from a family friend, asking if I would like to go live and work in Afghanistan.  I would teach English and build a computer lab for the medical students at Kabul Medical Institute.  I had done some travelling in Southeast Asia, and had aspirations of going back someday, so I jumped at the opportunity to expand my horizons.  I would also be so close to India, a country and culture that, in 1993, captured my heart on one of my first adventures outside of my home country.  Initially, I was going to be working in Kabul for one year.  This stretched out to two-and-a-half years and much more than my original teaching and building plan.
Kabul Medical Institute

Dr. Hadley and Dr. Wright in the makeshift pathology lab that would soon become a server room for my computer lab.
Alas, is no longer.  I may decide to bring it back someday, but for now, I have downsized to a blog.  When I started the website I had been working for an internet company in Bend, Oregon.  Hosting was free.  Now it's not, and that's that.
From left: Radek Spinka, Dr. Ken Wright, Geoffghanistan, and Dieter Hang

So many things have happened to me in the Geoffghanistan years.  This blog will be a collection of some of those stories, pictures and other entertainment.  I will also, inevitably post about current and planned travel (I am going to France in 3 days, and India in 3 months) as I go.

Welcome to Geoffghanistan.